"Dreams give us the opportunity to become conscious of who we are and what we need to evolve, heal, grow..."

They teach us, support us and help us on our way according to what is inside and around us, to find meaning in our lives... 

My dreams came to me as I was meditating, and I decided to explore them through creativity before I was initiated to shamanic journeys with Willem Hartman then I followed a training of active dreaming with Robert Moss. Then I studied CG Jung.

The concept of Active dreaming is very close to what Jung calls active imagination that I invite people to practice in different ways. In my circles and workshops in person I use the drum and rattle but there are other ways to practice conscious dreaming or lucid dreaming. I teach them in my Dream Cycle.

I became a Dream Teacher cos I dreamed so.

With me you will learn several methods and tools to call, recall and explore dreams so you can access to your ressources in different ways to find your own.

Today what I share doesn't belong to any tradition, and the sacred dimension remains open and intuitive, close to a form of animism.

Listening to our dreams opens our own inner univers, our own vision of the world, and treasures of inspiration that must be free to express themselves in the most personal way.

This is a way to our selves by ourselves

In my individual sessions, circles, cycles et ateliers je partage mes connaissances, mes méthodes de prédilection (intuitives, créatives), avec une touche de sacré, du respect et une pincée d’humour… parce que cheminer vers soi doit être source de joie.

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Lucie Debien
Dream Teacher