"Our dreams allow us to become aware of who we are, what we need and what animates us."

They teach us, support us, and help us to find meaning.

Interacting with our dreams put the light on certain aspects of us that we might not be aware of, reminding us to take good care of ourselves, what we desire and they can help us to evolve, move forward... 

To the psyche, the soul, the univers inside and beyond.

My dreams came to me while practicing meditation, then I decided to follow them.

I started with creativity before being initiated to shamanic journey and finally go for Active Dreaming (a concept that CG Jung called active imagination).

My dreams guided me on my path and through the elaboration of a way to teach others how to get the guidance, resources and inspiration form their own.

Today I propose a practice and a teaching beyond traditions but not without a sacred dimension which becomes more open and close to a sort of animism.

Listening to our dreams opens us to our inner universe, to our vision of the outside world, and brings valuable ressources.

A dream can inspire us, help us to make choices, give us strength, joy...

I teach several methods to call, remember and explore dreams so everyone can connect to the ressources they carry.

Exploring different ways to interact with dreams I experienced the potential of this ressource that we all have as we all dream.

Keeping a dream journal, practicing lucid dreaming and listening to what comes up during the day (synchronicities), creativity and integrating spirituality in a personal way are basics for dream work.

I also propose workshops to integrate the body, through mouvement, dancing, conscious walking and making objects.

In my workshops and consultations I share my experience, favorite methods, with a touch of sacred and a bit of humor... cos the path to the self should also bring joy.

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Lucie Debien
Dream Teacher