Between sleeping and waking state we go to our own universe and beyond...

During my cercles of 1h30 or 2hrs I guide you with the rhythm of my drum to this state of consciousness which allows to experience dreaming.

I guide you to the doors of your universe, to meet what lives inside of you, meet your vision, to get informations and resources that connect you to what animates you.

C.G. Jung used the expression :active imagination, I call it lucid dreaming.

The rhythm of the drum keeps you awake and anchored without falling asleep while being very close.

Then I invite you to write down and share your dreams or parts of it, cos telling the experience, sensations and perceptions contribute to open perspectives, bring understandings.

Each cercle is unique as it depends on the dreams shared, the themes, perspectives that arise and eventual needs.

In my Dream Circles I had the privilege to see people :

+ Find answers to their questions

+ Get back their childhood dreams

+ Reconnecter des parts d’eux-mêmes

+ Close chapters of their history

+ Encounter deceased loved ones

and so much more revelations... and some fun too.

My drums :

I don't belong to any tradition, any spirituality, but I like to integrate a touch of sacred into it. This os why there is always an altar at the center of each circle, with the intention to honor dreams and messengers.

To organize at your place :

(how many people laying down in circle can fit in)