Online Cycle

A teaching based on practice, experimentations and sharing.

The cycle is divided in 9 online circles during which I teach how to call, interrogate, understand dreams and between each meeting I keep animating exchanges and proposing experimentations.

  • a circle per month during 9 months
  • a groupe to share between the circles
  • des expérimentations

It is a practice based teaching, through dreams as opportunities to explain the methods and use adapted tools.

Vous apprendrez à vous relier à vos rêves et rêver de plusieurs façons.

On each circle I offer :

+ to practice the Lightening Dreaming method of Robert Moss

+ presentation of a step of my method

+ several tools to go deeper, integrate and find which ones correspond to you

+ experimentations for the next circle

To understand the language of dreams and their purpose in your life.

Shared dreams can be nocturnal, daydreams and lucid dreams (done with a drum or any other instrument).

I will guide you through this initiation, following dreams, yours and others, to integrate how to extract ressources, guidances and healings.

My experience with my own dreams, as Dream Teacher and as a member of a Dream circle will be at your service.

No lucid dreaming, no drumming during those circles, like we do when we get together in person.

8 participants maximum 
9 month commitment
Registration and payment before the 1st circle

Fee for the entire cycle : 250€

The cycle started in October is full but I am opening another group for a cycle starting in January 2021.

To register please fill the form :

Registration form

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