My purpose : Guide you to find within yourself the potentials of guidance and healing through active dreaming.

It is about giving you access to your own medicine..

My intentions : Provide people with a space-time to explore dreams et guide them to their own ways to call, interrogate, share and manifest those dreams.

"I offer you a set in which you remain free"

My teaching keeps evolving, out of any dogma and I do not pretend to know better hat your dreams are about. I share several leads to explore and interrogate them in a way that you remain free to decide what they inspire you to do or not to do.

"I facilitate de meeting, the reunion to the self by oneself"

I propose a sacred dimension close to Nature, without any connection to any religious movement, and open to divers spiritualities.

I'm not a doctor, a therapist, nor a spiritual guide however I would never stop anyone from consulting one.

Confidentiality : Every thing said during individual sessions and during circles and workshops remains confidential. I won't spread any personal info, details.

I do not keep notes of your dreams, nor conversations or messages.

Your dreams are sacred and belong to you.