Sharing dreams allows to understand them faster.

We need to write and tell our dreams to become aware of their messages and purpose in our lives.

This is why I encourage everyone to have a dream partner to share dreams with.

During those sessions I am this person. And I guide you through another point of view, a different angle, opening perspectives, put the light on certain aspects and provide you with adapted tools.

On the phone or internet I teach how to comprehend dreams :

  • a method to be autonomous
  • exercices to go deeper 
  • intuitive and creative solutions
  • respect and humour

I do not interpret your dreams, I teach you how to do it yourself.

2 options :

Full Session

In a session I explain the process that can make you go on by yourself then we discuss several dreams.

As we share our dreams I guide you to get the most of it, informations, directions and how to integrate according to your needs and what correspond to you.

Several dreams are explored

Durée : 2hrs

Session for a Dream

When a dream seems important but you cannot find its purpose, I guide you through a process to extract as much as possible.

During the session we investigate the dream to determine the key element(s) and how it can be worked on if necessary.

My experience of dream work allows me to open perspectives, give keys, propose adapted ways to explore the dream.

Durée minimum : 1h

Fee for an hour : 25€

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Le rêve au tambour n’est proposé qu’en présence lors de cercles, ateliers, stages.