We need to tell our dreams to become aware of their messages and purpose in our lives.

This is why I encourage everyone to have a dream partner to share dreams with. And during these sessions I am this person.

I lead you through divers angles and ways to comprehend your dreams, putting some lights on aspects and concepts that your dreams might carry.

Then I explain you how they can be explored further and integrated according to your needs and will to go deeper and find your own way to connect to your dreams.

On the phone or internet I teach how to comprehend dreams :

  • a method for beginners
  • tools to explore by yourself
  • personalized and respectful approach
  • an introduction to more general principals

I do no analyse your dreams, I get you through possible ways to comprehend them.

Several dreams can be explored.

My experience of dream work allows me to open perspectives, give you keys, identify the resources that your dreams are carrying.

Fee for an hour : 25€

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Dreaming with the drum is only proposed in person.