Night, day & lucid Dreams

"Dreams : the only access to our unconscious, for a truly personal development."

Exploring night dreams we access the unconscious an become aware of our individuality.

Considering them as our true material we make sure to take into account what exists inside of us and ask to be listened to.

As to start with dream work I teach the Lightening Dreaming method created by Robert Moss, based among other things on keeping a journal and sharing dreams.

Keeping a trace and sharing dreams happens to be extremely useful even for expert dreamers and I strongly encourage people to have a person to share them with on a regular basis.

During Consultations (on the phone or Visio) I can be the person to share your dreams with, providing guidance through ways of considering and extract maximum ressources.

We can also develop our capacities to daydream, learning how to recognize and follow synchronicities, or through creativity. This is part of my teaching in the Dream Cycle and in the Individual Cursus.

Then there is the lucid dream with the drum that I use in my Dream circles in person, to connect people to their dreams, open them to other ways of dreaming and the possibility to get back into dreams

For more advanced people in dream work and those willing to experience Dream circles I lead several on line, for more info you can go on this page : Circles.

Feel free to contact me and tale a look on my AGENDA

NB : I never do distant druming.