Night Dreams

"Keep a journal and tell your own story..."

Keeping track of our dreams by writing them down regularly is the first thing to do.

The Lightening Dreaming method created by Robert Moss is based on keeping a written trace of dreams.

I teach that method that I keep using in my consultations and cercles, insisting on keeping a dream journal and also on the use of sharing dreams.

Sharing our dreams remains very useful even for expert dreamers so I strongly recommend everyone to have a "dream partner", someone to tell your dreams to.

During Consultations (par téléphone ou en visio) je peux être la personne à qui vous avez la possibilité de raconter vos rêves.

In my Dream circles in person I help you reconnect to your dreams, open to different ways of dreaming and the possibility to go back in a dream.

In the Dream Cycle (a 9 months training) I offer an approach through my method and with the tools I elaborated. It is a teaching through practicing, so everyone can become perfectly autonomous in the exploration of nocturnal dreams; but also daydreams and divers forms of lucid dreaming

NB : I never do distant lucid dreaming.