We dream every night and we can dream while awake

I teach how to explore night dreams and lucid dreams (using a drum)

Night Dreams

Keep a journal and tell your own story.

The Lightening dreaming is the method created by Robert Moss, based on how to keep a dream journal, investigate, share and manifest dreams.

Sharing our dreams remains very useful even for expert dreamers so I strongly recommend everyone to have a "dream partner", someone to tell your dreams to. And this is also why I offer Individual Sessions.

During Individual sessions (on the phone or Skype) and in my Dream circles in person and Online Circles I explain and guide you through this method for you to become autonomous and go further with exercices, and through the practice of Lucid dreaming.

Lucid dreaming

Meet your own vision

With the rhythm of the drum we reach a state of consciousness that allows to experience lucid dreaming, also called shamanic journey or active imagination.

I started to experience lucid dreaming spontaneously during meditations. Therefore I do not need a drum to dream but I use it to facilitate it to others.

The use of a drum makes the lucid dreaming close to shamanic journey. And if a shaman should know how to dream, a person who dreams is not necessarily a shaman; which is my case. I'm not transmitting any tradition.

C.G. Jung used the expression :active imagination, and his works on dreams fed my way to work on nocturnal, lucid and day dreams (Synchronicities).

NB : I never do distant lucid dreaming.