« Rêver le jour, et voir nos rêves se manifester… »

Like we do for night dreams, daydreaming starts with setting an intention, formulating a question and get ready to receive answers.

We can therefore ask about night dreams to unfold or any kind of question we might have.

Being aware and ready we become receptive to what we call synchronicities. This principle was brought to light by CG Jung.

The concept is illustrated by 2 examples, the most famous would be the golden scarab one.

During a consultation, as the patient tells a dream in which she's been given a golden scarab, a beetle comes at the window. Jung takes it and hands it to his patient saying : "here it is your golden scarab".

This example shows a manifestation of an aspect of a dream into physical reality.

About navigating by synchronicities I recommend Edgar Poe's novel. Here is what could be a definition of the concept :

"(...) the singularity of this coincidence absolutely stupefied me for a time. This is the usual effect of such coincidences. The mind struggles to establish a connection--a sequence of cause and effect--and, being unable to do so, suffers a species of temporary paralysis."

Edgar Allan Poe « The Gold Bug »