Lucid Dreaming

Dreaming while awake

Lucid dreaming helps reconnecting with our night dreams. People having no memories of their dreams start to remember them after only one session with the drum or the rattle.

This practice opens to experiences that can be true revelations and it also gives the possibility to explore and interrogate what our nocturnal dreams brought.

I started to experience lucid dreaming spontaneously during meditations. Therefore I do not need a drum to dream but I use it to facilitate it to others.

With the rhythm and vibration of the drum we reach a state of consciousness that allows to experience lucid dreaming, also called shamanic journey or active imagination.

The use of a drum makes the lucid dreaming close to shamanic journey, although I do not make people journey into the shamanic worlds. I am not transmitting a tradition. And if a shaman should know how to dream, a dreamer is not necessarily a shaman.

C.G. Jung used the expression :active imagination, and his works on dreams fed my way to work on nocturnal, lucid and day dreams (Synchronicities).

In the Dream Cycle I teach other ways to practice lucid dreaming.