Conscious DREAMING

Receive all you need from your dreams and become more conscious of who you are.


« Listen to your dreams, answer their call. »

1 session for a specific dream or several, for a deeper exploration of your dreams, situation, questionings…

– the main ideas 
– the purpose of the dream(s)
– the teachings, ressources, informations 
– a direction to move on

These consultations are adapted for beginners as well as experts dreamers.

Get the messages from your dreams and their connection with your life, questionings and path.

Who I am in a few words :
I discovered active imagination or what some people call journeying while I was practicing meditation. I explored it through creativity, shamanic journeying and the Lightening dreaming method by Robert Moss. Then I developed my own approach inspired by CG Jung’s books.

Foundations of my approach


I adapt my method to your sensitivity, what comes up in your dreams and life.


I practice what I teach and I use my experiences in my approach.


My approach is practical, so that tools and notions become more naturally integrated. 


your dreams show the way and progression. Take responsibility for your own evolution.

« Open up to your unconscious for 
a truly personal development. »

Nocturnal dreams are the only access to our unconscious, without the filters we can have in light transe. This is why They are very important in my teaching.

Embarque with me on this journey to find the way to align to your self, to your inner world, to your own way to be in the world.


Monday to Friday

On the phone or visio 
contact me if you need to arrange different days and times

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If you have no memories of any dream I can journey for you. I call it Dream Recovery Dream Recovery



On the phone or visio
(Zoom or Messenger)
Individual sessions
Duration : 1h
1 or 5 sessions
Monday to Friday


1 session : 30€ 
5 sessions : 125€ 

via PayPal for one single consultation.


contact me if you need to arrange different days and times.